mercredi 26 janvier 2011


And how will have there - him of the preachers, if they are not sent? (Saint Paul)
If you are not able to go, send someone other to your place (O.J.SMITH)

We in LIVE ROCK WORLDWIDE APOSTOLIC CHURCH TOGO WEST AFRICA are a branch of Live ROCK Based in Portugal and   are called to engage in all-out war under the blood-stained banner of the Cross, to challenge unbelief and its mockery .To make sure the Prodigal Son was welcomed home properly. WE KNOW it is the last hour.

Prophets the World is waiting on your contribution, wisdom, knowledge and your prophetic gift.

Are you Evangelists the souls waiting for you and you need to preach and bring them back home and this home is Jesus in their heart. Jesus is not a religionist but a Savoir! He didn’t come to save religion but people! He delivered people. He came to set the captives free. Our ministry is to preach, win souls and make disciples and send them to Window 10/40 and all Africa countries and villages to plant churches.
The term window 10/40 designates the countries localized between the tenth and the fortieth degree in the north of the equator (of the West Africa until the extremity of Asia).
 Makes remarkable:
  This part of the world is the most hostile to the gospel; and yet we have serious reasons to focus our efforts of evangelism there.

 1 historically, this place is the cradle of the big biblical events, Adam and Eve, the deluge, Babylon, the diversification of the languages, Egypt, Israel, Christ lived there.
 2 the majority of the men of the world population lives in this region.
 97 o/o of the countries the less evangelized find themselves of it.
 3- The birth place of the biggest religions of the world. It is also the birth place of Christianity.
 4- The place of three predominant religions: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism.
 5 poverty these peoples less evangelized are also there the poorest the life expectancy is very bass.  On the other hand, the infantile mortality and the percentage of the illiterates are raised very.
6-IT Is Satan's real fortress.

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