vendredi 28 janvier 2011






I am missionary NYONATO Yawovi, your brother in a Christ. I pass via this Web site you speak about my call and my testimony. I was born in 1977 in a pagan family, in a village named Mission- Tove roughly located at 27 km of Lome.
January 2, 1984 my father died, I were in preparatory class of course second year, And a ordering brother of the army brought me at his place to North where I made the classes of preparatory course 3è and 4 2nd years.
There - low all the family attended the Church Presbyterian and I learned much from things of their catechism. But over there I knew misery and the suffering because of the spite of my brother’s wife. We sell bread and it made us seldom eat, I often went very late to the school under deplorable conditions what leads me to the flight, I flew of the money to go to play charts to enlarge my account... My life was degraded.
Then exceeded by the events I had to flee my brother to join my mother where I continued my studies with the middle price first and second year with financial and different difficulties. As soon as I resumed my studies I had become very acute against everyone, I brawled with the professors, at this point in time they rose against me, consequence my failure of my certificate of CEPD, taken destiny for the school I then joined the brigand we reside in cemeteries etc there low all the vicissitudes of the company ran with flood, drugs alcoholism, fornication etc, but thanks to God I did not touch there with drug because the odour makes me vomit sometimes but he send and I buy for others drug.
Considering my negative change my mother wanted to commit suicide her little brothers then came to seek it to bring it with them, I remained only unconscious of what I did. I returned to visit to the charlatans in company of my friends the soldiers as a majority but one evening when we had returned from to a fetishes whose preparation did not go, spirit to rest under a tree a sister of the church Baptist then visited us and spoke to us about the love of GOD then started to ask a questions to me?
Who is this God who can Love me in my bad character?
Then I returned visit to the sister in the church that it indicated one Sunday to me, after the worship, Pastor and some brothers received me and much more spoke me about GOD AND it is from there that I gave my life to Jesus  my saviour and master of my life.
I converted in 1994 and I received my baptism in 1997 there low I started has to receive miracles on behalf of the Lord what I requested from God I then received it without sorrow almost every Sunday I returned testimony and Pastor was very happy and love me.
My life started to change radically and when my mother hears   my news it was also very happy and give her life to Jesus in Baptist Church in Our Village.
When I had not known Christ yet I liked the power and the miracles when I am converted with the church Baptist there he teach very well the word of God but in that Church the manifestations of the Holy Spirit  is not like I want .but one evening I assisted a revival in some  charismatic  church where one had invited a former magician converted after his message, it started to request and with my great surprise people received deliverance what keeps me in this church for 2 years  after the pastor give me a prayer group and I am a director and one night at 8 o’clock pm in some  revelation I saw I pray for a  white people who are sick  and black and after my prayers he are healed.
One day I complained about my level of study then I received from the LORD, 1 Corinthians 1 v 18 to 29 then my fear was erased and I even started to speak English and to include/understand certain expressions, another day right 5 minutes after me to be lying I saw a man appearing to me in my room  I did not sleep, I saw it holding a sphere which shone like gold and when it approached me, he  put that in my right hand and the sphere enter in my body and I say my personal in a front of many peoples  preached the word of God in pagan people and when he call against me his powers, I say fire and the fire come down from heaven and cast away their powers. Their powers burned;
I did not smell myself any more with ground but a little in the air, as soon as I begun again conscience suddenly the man had disappeared and when I divided that with Pastor it said to me that God entrusted a great ministry to me and I started to request so that God helps me to follow an advanced course in an bible institute., I were to integrate in a named Christian Foundation Missionary and I attended disciples school and he  sent  me in a mission school in Pioneer TOGO  mission School ) after a training the Lord use me in revival, crusade, seminaries and I preach and train many people. From there, the Lord has  give a vision to me and I started John Baptist Mission  and our vision there is to resuscitated the died nations as John the Baptist did in Israel that time.
After I went in a village named Niamtougou located at 447 km of Lome where sorcery beats it’s full as a missionary. It happened there that there is a problem between Pastor and the faithful ones of a church Baptist which had driven out Pastor, A my arrival I started with preached in this church on the invitation of the members of the office, it is the CMF which sent to me in this area but I then missed means to provide for my needs I lived of some rare gifts of faithful of this church and there was a Christian family WHO TAKE CARE OF ME MUCH and this family dealt with all my needs until I do not leave this place, then on my return I addressed a letter of resignation to CMF letting them know God  give me a vision to begin my vision, from there I begin the vision God give me trough evangelism and training and orphanage programs.
I have pass by hard moment financial and I had to always persevered and sinking God who call me.
And I am always in the hands of God the creator who give me the vision.
May God bless you